South Norfolk Speech Therapy

Claire Stevens

BSc (hons) Cert. MRCSLT MHCPC

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

About Me

Claire Stevens

I graduated from Newcastle upon Tyne University in 2005 with an honours degree and immediately started working for the NHS in Norfolk with the paediatrics team. I have attended post graduate courses in Lidcombe therapy, Hanen and the Derbyshire Language Scheme. I have two beautiful boys who keep me very busy. I know first hand how hard it can be supporting a child with extra needs and my own experiences have taught me a lot about our health, education and care system. I have become an independent speech and language therapist to provide an evidence based, personal and quick service that works closely with your family.

I am passionate about providing high quality speech and language therapy to children. I pride myself in offering effective intervention that enables children to reach their potential. I work with children in a range of settings including the family home, school or nursery. In any setting I will work closely with the team around your child to ensure that all involved understand how to support the child and enable progress to be made.

Claire's Graduation
"Language is the basic educational skill and children who have difficulty with language are liable to have difficulty with almost everything else. Whatever else they may need to learn or be taught, they will need language first."
Anne Locke