South Norfolk Speech Therapy

Claire Stevens


Specialist Speech and Language Therapist


I can work in your own home or within your school, nursery or preschool. I provide treatment for:

  • Unclear Speech - This is when a child's speech is difficult for others to understand.
  • Delayed language - This is when the language is not at the same levels as peers.
  • Language Disorders - This is when the language develops in an uneven way.
  • Stammering - This is when children struggle to produce fluent speech and repeat sounds or whole words.
  • Selective Mutism - This is a social anxiety difficulty where the child can talk in some places (usually home) but finds it difficult to talk in other places (sometimes school).
  • Social Communication Difficulties - This is where the child struggles to understand the social aspect of communication and to use their language to get their message across.
  • Pre-verbal Communication - This includes all the skills that children develop before they are ready to talk verbally, for instance; eye contact, joint attention and listening skills.

As with any form of learning it is important that the new skills are fully integrated into the child’s daily routine so that practice is extremely important. You will therefore receive tasks and activities to help practise new concepts. Therapy is usually weekly but sometimes more work may be left and monitored accordingly so that the gap between sessions may be longer. Occasionally, more intensive sessions may be arranged if the problem requires.

It is very important to fully liaise with everyone concerned with your child so that everyone is working together to get the best results in the shortest time possible.

Service Price
Initial assessment 60-90 minutes with report. £120
Review assessment 60 minutes with a summary report. £60
One-to-one therapy session 60 minutes, including homework £50
If 6 or more therapy sessions are booked a free summary report is provided at the end of the block.

To book an appointment please use the Contact Page or the form below. Before booking please make sure to read the FAQs and Terms & Conditions.